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Anna Mazarsky 
cutting the fundraising bullsh*t

Founded by Anna Mazarsky, an esteemed expert in startup fundraising, international mentor, and inspiring speaker, Anna Mazarsky has a dynamic firm dedicated to unlocking the true potential of visionary entrepreneurs. Our mission is to equip startups with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to secure the funds they need to fuel their growth and make their dreams a reality.

Meet Anna Mazarsky: Your Fundraising Expert

Anna Mazarsky, is your ultimate fundraising expert. With over two decades of experience as a skilled fundraiser and salesperson, Anna possesses unparalleled insights into the art of securing capital. She knows the challenges entrepreneurs face – from selling their vision persuasively to captivating potential investors with professionalism and charisma.

Over the past eight years, Anna has honed the marketing strategies of companies of all sizes. Her expertise in crafting compelling investor decks, sales and marketing presentations, and branded identity templates has been a game-changer for numerous startups.
Beyond this, she has established and trained fundraising teams, transforming ordinary salespeople into formidable closers.

Anna's guidance and commitment have led to astounding results. Hundreds of clients, spanning the spectrum from early-stage startups to globally scaling companies securing their "exits", have collectively raised over $80+ million and secured deals worth more than $1B. Anna's collaborative approach, coaching prowess, and unwavering professionalism have been instrumental in fostering their success.

Anna offers her profound expertise to assist you in shaping and refining your startup's narrative. She bridges the gaps, designs your fundraising strategy, and empowers you to persuade potential investors to champion your vision convincingly.

Our Purpose: Elevating Your Fundraising Potential

Our purpose is crystal clear – to empower startups and their founders in their journey to secure the financial backing they deserve. We understand that effective fundraising goes beyond a mere transaction; it is the catalyst that ignites innovation, fuels growth, and brings transformative ideas to life.

Our Focus: A Tailored Approach to Success

Our tailored methodology is rooted in a unique approach that addresses each startup's distinct needs and potentialities. We navigate the intricate landscape of fundraising with a holistic strategy encompassing the following key elements:

1. Fundraising Strategy: We strategically identify and handle the barriers to your fundraising efforts, tailor your story to ensure investors will connect to it on emotional AND logical levels, and create an investor outreach plan to maximize efficiency.

2. Storytelling, Pitch Deck, and Supporting Docs: We craft compelling narratives and engaging pitch decks customized for different investor types to maximize their impact.

3. Pitch Coaching: Our weekly coaching sessions equip founders to become exceptional storytellers, proficient in handling Q&A sessions, public speaking, and body language.

4. Network Activation: Leveraging Anna Mazarsky's extensive network and founders' connections, we accelerate the fundraising process to ensure swift and successful outcomes.

Our Methodology: A Roadmap to Success

In pursuing your fundraising goals, Anna Mazarsky will actively engage in all matters relating to
fundraising strategy, investor research, document preparation, pitch decks, simulations, scripts, and guidance. With Anna Mazarsky at the helm, our team will be dedicated to empowering you to master the art of startup fundraising.

It is essential to note that while we takes charge of fundraising strategy and preparations, the Founder and Co-Founder will execute the fundraising itself, allowing them to foster valuable relationships with investors. Additionally, operational matters, including the allocation and utilization of raised funds, data gathering, and all other aspects of fund usage, remain the purview of the founder and their startup team.

With Anna Mazarsky by your side, you'll embark on an extraordinary journey to secure the financial backing to propel your startup to unprecedented heights. Let us be the catalyst to your fundraising success – together, we'll turn your vision into an inspiring reality.

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