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Anna's guest appearance at that Meet.Capital podcast on How to REALLY prepare for investors Q&A and what mistakes to avoid

Recently I've had the privilege and the pleasure to be a guest on the podcast, hosted by Tzakhi Freedman, where we talked about the #startup founders' preparedness (and lack of) for the tough questions of the potential #investors (aka the Q&A session that follows the pitch).Unfortunately most founders skip or mishandle this preparedness step, and the result is losing valuable investment opportunities in real-time.

As Meet.Capital are the experts on LinkedIn outreach to #Angel investors, I believe this podcast is a great contribution to whoever is smart enough to use their services, and thus be able to utilize better the opportunity to get funded in each one the meetings set up by them.

Oh, and no doubt we've only scratched the surface of this iceberg, and frankly I have so much more insights and data to share on this subject alone (which BTW, is a critical part of my process of getting my founders ready to raise). 

Nevertheless, the points we discuss here in this podcast are so valuable and practical that any founder on their #fundraising journey, will benefit by watching it thoroughly, while talking notes on how to apply this to themselves.And for any additional question - I'm here for you, so feel free to reach out and clear all the BS around this.

Enjoy watching!


PS Meet.Capital helps startup founders in the early stages-Seed rounds to do an effective LinkedIn outreach to potential investors faster. I recommend them to my clients who are more focused on Angel investors to get the ball rolling and get as many meetings as possible.

You can check out their website here

Or to schedule a call directly with Tzakhi here. Tell him that you received his link from me for an extra VIP service.

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