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Cut the Fundraising BS: Lock In Success

Get ready to meet investors and fundraise for your startup with precise fundraising strategy and business readiness, compelling storytelling, effective pitch decks, practice and drilled meetings simulations, and fundraising coaching.

Fundraising Without the Fluff: Anna Mazarsky's Lock-In Strategy for Startups

In the world of startup fundraising, Anna Mazarsky is a standout presence, cutting through complexity with her 'Lock It' strategy. It's a direct, no-nonsense approach tailored for founders who are serious about success. Anna's proven methods are designed for those who are ready to cut the fluff and get down to the serious business of attracting investors.


Behind Anna stands a legion of meticulously selected experts, each a master in their field, ready to reinforce your venture's every front. This is not mere preparation for the investment round; it’s a comprehensive fortification of your startup’s potential. Together, you don't just approach the funding round; you seize it, turning investor meetings into signed term sheets and solid investments.


 Expect nothing less than a transformative partnership that forges unbreakable foundations and locks in lasting success. Reach out, step up, and let's secure your startup’s future.

We'll help you get the funds.

We provide fundraising services to ensure that your startup gets the necessary funds to grow.

Investor-ready pitch decks

We craft effective, beautiful, and investor-ready pitch decks and supporting fundraising documents to help our founders secure investments.

Storytelling done right

We help entrepreneurs tell their stories with the perfect blend of storytelling and data analytics, enabling them to connect with investors on an emotional level.

Fundraising strategy assistance

We offer fundraising strategy & coaching to help you raise money from investors, VCs, and grants.


My name is Anna Mazarsky

Hi, my name is Anna Mazarsky, and I’m changing the world one startup at a time.

That is, I help startup founders raise funds and make their dreams come true – and through them and their innovations  - I’m changing the world.

Fundraising, in theory, is elementary. You should have a good idea, an excellent product to back it up, a beautiful pitch deck, and ouila! The money should be rolling in… Isn't that right?



The truth is, the more the founder is unprepared for the pitch and the less he's ready to correctly respond to any question of the investors– the chances of seeing the funds reduce to a singular figure.

Not to mention founders who go on the "battlefield" of fundraising without having a fundraising strategy (how much to ask, from who, what ROI, etc.) 

Sad but true.


This is why today, I combine my training and fundraising experience and put them to use by adding the "secret sauce" of successful fundraising – Fundraising planning and coaching. 

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"Anna's work has directly impacted my company's ability to present a new program in a clear and concise manner that is immediately understood. Her creativity has brought my ideas to life in a way I could have never imagined. 
She is an extremely important member of my team and I am so thankful for her partnership!"

R. B

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We're based in TLV Israel, but work globally.

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